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Austin Model Cars

Darlington Diecast has a growing collection of Austin Model Cars. We currently have two vehicles in stock known as the Healey, which are neat convertibles. 

But, we know you like to learn a little about these collectable items. So, we’re taking you back to 1905. A young man with an innovative past called Herbert Austin decided to start Austin Motor Company. 

Herbert worked at a sheep-shearing company in his 20’s where he improved the efficiency of a machine in Australia. He later did the same for a bicycle production company in the UK in his 30’s. 

It was at the latter company that Herbert persuaded the owners to venture into the car market. He owned a third of Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Co Ltd.

However, Herbert didn’t like the direction the company was heading with Peugeot-style cars, so he founded Austin Motor Company. 

In 1952, the name became British Motor Company. But, in 1987, the company folded, and the production of the vehicles stopped. Fortunately, we’re able to collect Austin Model Cars.

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