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Diecast Model Cars UK

Diecast Model Cars UK

Darlington Diecast are a UK-based online retailer of diecast model cars. We stock both new, second-hand and vintage diecast cars from over 50 different brands, including Dinky Toys, Tootsie Toys and Solido.

Dinky Toys were the first manufacturer to produce diecast model cars in the United Kingdom in the 20th century, just before the war. Unfortunately, they were initially made with impure alloys, which caused damage such as cracks, distorted shapes, and falling pieces. As a result, it’s challenging to find mint condition diecast model cars made before the war.

Not long after the war, manufacturers began using a pure alloy, which prolonged these diecast model cars lives. From the 50s, many new producers entered the market from a range of different European countries as the products became so popular. We saw the likes of Mercury (Italy), Tekno (Denmark), Schuco (Germany), and Mattel (United States).

If you’re searching for a particular model for your collection, then you’re in the right place.

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